Indoor-Outdoor Living Solutions

indoor-outdoor-livingWe live in an area ripe with opportunities to get outside throughout our seasons. We get 300 days of sunshine per year – we should all do a better job of enjoying it!

One way you can incorporate more sunshine into your life without changing your schedule is by embracing indoor-outdoor living. Creating a space that easily transitions between the in and outdoors via large, roll-away full-height windows, inviting covered areas warmed by the fire to ward off any chill, and an outdoor lighting scheme that highlights your outdoor area’s best features, you can spend more time appreciating the outdoors in comfort.

How do you begin to envision how you can utilize your outdoors more often? It is easy!

  • First, think about the types of things you would do outdoors more if you were set up properly to do so. Would you snuggle up with a book? Have a fire and toast s’mores? Stargaze? Go for a dip in the pool or spa? BBQ every night? What type of outdoor space do you need to accomplish this? Don’t be afraid to think big and scale back as needed.
  • Second, think about your existing home (if you are building new, then look at the floorplan) and where your access to the outdoors would be. Can you make that transition more inviting? Maybe you have an old sliding glass door but that access point would be much-better-served with two sets of French Doors or perhaps a modern full wall of windows that slide away for a seamless transition between the inside and outside. Perhaps you need to add additional outdoor access points along the same side of the house as your outdoor space. The point is to try to see past what exists currently and think about what your physical space would need to look like to invite you outside more often.
  • Third, consider materials. Some of the best indoor-outdoor designs have elements that transition to the natural surroundings. That might include a combination of native plants and perennials or include colors on the hardscaping that echo the colors of the hills. There are a number of outdoor material suppliers in the area that would be happy for you to come and browse their selections and settle on a materials palette for your space.
  • Fourth, don’t forget about water and electricity. Your outdoor lighting and irrigation plan should be included in your preliminary plans. Pipes and conduit need to run under the hardscaping and through trenches that you don’t want to have to deal with after you are already enjoying your space.
  • Finally, remember the furniture! Don’t spend your whole budget on landscaping and hardscaping only to have to buy plastic furniture from your local hardware warehouse. Plush, well-appointed furniture with big cushions beg that you come outside and enjoy them and should be an important part of your indoor-outdoor plan.

The easiest time to design your custom indoor-outdoor plan is when a builder, like Devoted Builders, is custom- or semi-custom-designing your home. No retrofitting is needed and your entire outdoors will have complementary elements. We love designing indoor-outdoor spaces and have several new innovations that can make your indoor-outdoor living space a cut above.

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