Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance


If you are planning on putting your home on the market, or have purchased a home in the last year, you may want to consider getting your air conditioning unit serviced now rather than waiting.

As the calendar moves from spring to summer, the air conditioner, whether you have a heat pump, swamp cooler, or some other type of cooling unit, will be in-demand in the coming months. So why act preventively? There are two important reasons:

  • As a seller, it pays to have your air conditioning unit running smoothly while the house is on the market. With our typical heat spells here in the Tri-Cities where temperatures reach over 100 degrees you will be thankful you were proactive. If something happens to your unit while your home is listed, a non-air-conditioned home will definitely turn off potential buyers. If something happens on a weekend or in the evening, the service call to get repairs done quickly might cost you hundreds of dollars. Preventative service may help avoid this. Remember, servicing the unit may be something the buyer asks for at the inspection anyway, so this may already be an expense you would incur.
  • As a new homeowner, it is a fact that you are likely to live differently in your house than the previous owner. Say you keep the home at a cool, crisp 68 degrees but the previous owner enjoyed the home at 75 degrees. Appliances, trying to accommodate this kind of change, can have system issues. If you think you are in the clear having bought a brand new home, think again.  Just because a system is new does not mean it is free from any manufactures or other defects.  If you sense the system is not operating optimally or cooling effectively call your contractor right away.  Any good home builder will have contracted with a reputable HVAC company that uses good quality equipment and will warrant the product for a set amount of time.

As always call Jennifer Cowgill at 509-947-5670 or myself, Jessica Johnson at 509-947-2230 for information on building a new home in Richland, Kennewick or Pasco WA with Devoted Builder’s!

Now go enjoy the hot summer we are known for here in sunny Tri-Cities Washington!

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