Flex Spaces: Solutions for Your Home Today and Tomorrow!

When designing a home, whether that is in a development or a custom home, we at Devoted Builders like to think about a homeowner’s needs today as well as down the road. A young couple lives very differently in their home than a couple with kids, a family with teenagers, or empty nesters who have guests periodically.

Therefore, when we build, we like to get creative. We like to think about all of these possibilities and design a home that will be functional for all of these potential scenarios. Here are a few examples:

  • If we are designing a home for a family with teens, we might suggest including an en suite with a conjoining bedroom and bathroom. This allows for privacy for the teen, privacy for the young adult in the event they are still living at home through college and beyond, and a guest suite for visitors or even aging parents in the future.
  • If we are designing a laundry room for a family that is into sports, we might suggest leaving some extra space so it can also serve as a mud room. Later on, it can serve as a craft area or extra easy-access storage.
  • Some people who plan on living in their homes forever might have us plan ahead for aging-in-place options such as a closet placeholder for a future elevator in the event the home is two-story or wheelchair-passable hall and doorways.
  • Having a flex space off a public area for something like an office now and a playroom or extra TV viewing area later is another great example of how a space can change for future needs. For a situation like this, the key might be to have some built-in shelving and storage, but have a desk that is a piece of furniture which can easily be moved out when the functionality of the room changes.

Don’t let this get you too hung up on thinking about your current and future needs. That is where customization experts like us come in! When we design a home, we don’t just ask how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want. We want to hear about how you live in your home from day to day. Do you do much cooking? What are your hobbies? How do you spend your time? This way we get to learn about the features that we should include – those little touches that make living in your home that much better for you – and the things we should anticipate for later.

Why buy a new home that doesn’t have your personal lifestyle stamp now…and in the years ahead? Sundance Estates, our new project, will include custom and customizable homes that are a perfect fit for your lifestyle.  Give us a call at (509) 947-5670 or contact us at info@devoteddreamhomes.com.

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