Designing for Efficiency

A few years ago, it was all the rage to build a big home. Then the downturn brought us the small home movement. This small home movement provided the building industry with some much-needed shakeups in terms of how space is built into a home and how it is utilized. Devoted Builders has welcomed the challenge to be more efficient than ever with our space and materials in order to build a better home. Here’s what we have been working on:


Extra Seating – It’s a sofa table! It’s an island! It’s a workspace. It’s…seating for six! Today’s homes require flexible seating for guests whether they be dining, watching the game, or hanging out at the island doing homework. Let us know how you plan to use your various spaces and we can make sure we figure out how to add the seating you need.

Clean Counters – When you don’t have a lot of extra stuff, including appliances such as toasters and microwaves on your counters, your space feels bigger, even if it isn’t. We have become pros at tucking away these extras so they are still usable, but not out in the open.

Strategic Electrical Outlets – If you have ever wanted to have a lamp in the middle of a room but had to have an ugly cord running across the floor, you will appreciate an in-floor outlet option. Again, clean sight lines make for a cleaner-looking, and therefore larger-looking, space.


Ample Storage – Everything in your home needs a home. Out of sight, out of mind! One of the best ways you can make your floorplan feel bigger is with smart storage solutions like in this custom bathroom we recently built. Wouldn’t you like to have this much storage in your home?


Speaking of Storage – Many new homes take advantage of the light and feel bigger by offering nine or ten foot high ceilings. In kitchens, consider taking advantage of this extra height by adding a cabinet on top for those dishes and glasses that you only use a few times per year.

Space-Efficient Appliances – Although this is something that we usually work with the client to buy, making sure your refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven all use space efficiently will make quick work of any meal. For example, in the photo below, the fridge is counter-depth (which helps maintain clean lines), but it also has extra drawers which can make how groceries are separated work better.


Part of what makes a space efficient is making sure it is tailored for how you live. Want to learn more? Give us a call! (509) 947-5670 or at

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